Just a THOUGHT! Student Engagement is not possible without Teacher Engagement

Student Engagement is not possible without Teacher Engagement
ie Students are as interested in their class and learning as the teacher is excited and interested about the content being taught.



Although using the word engagement with the noun -‘student’ conjures up images of a joke being narrated,I am not about to share a joke!


images 400)

My brush with Student Engagement started when during teacher training we were required to make our lessons interesting, only to realize later to my great disillusionment that the teaching world is split into two parts-one is, things meant for inspections, workshops and the other, the talk-chalk-talk world of the real classroom.

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However, when I look back on my experiences and satisfaction I have had from my teaching -learning experiences it is clear that the instances of student engagement which I have experienced were all such instances when I as a teacher was literally wonder stuck with the content I was to get my students to cope with perfectly and there was a large part of the learning outcome which each time was a surprise to me too.
I take as an example, my latest brush with the same when in fact I became the student and then the teacher. It was just a few days back , when I came formally in contact with Augmented -Reality learning apps . The newness and the sheer extent of unexplored possibilities by me, its usage for teaching had me engaged for hours.This minuscule instance has reiterated my belief. Definitely, student engagement is a critical part of the teaching-learning process.



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